Chickens pecking in the grass, July 2012

Pigs - sadly gone now but love this photo!

Some of Octavia and Bella's offspring, July 2012

Hereford Suckler Herd

A mother with her calf, 2011

Our Livestock

All our animals are reared and finished naturally. We are certified suppliers of Pasture for Life beef and lamb under the Pasture Fed Livestock Association. Visit their website to find out more about the health benefits of meat that is entirely pasture fed. Beef finishes on our clover and wildflower rich pasture in early autumn and winter, lamb from mid summer through to Christmas and hogget in early spring. Mutton is an occasional treat. Poultry have total access to pasture, we have eggs throughout the year and a few batches of table chickens during the summer.

The welfare of our livestock is paramount. We use breeds suited to a low input natural organic system. Our stock is all bred and reared on the farm so there is no stress in their lives. We believe this all contributes to healthy, happy animals and that the herb and clover rich meadows contribute to the sweet flavour and succulence of our meat.

The films on this page were made when we also had pigs on the farm. They have now gone but we so love these clips that we wanted to keep them.

Table Chickens

Table chickens rooting around, June 2011


Sheep coming in to be shorn, June 2012

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