Romshed roast chicken – 3kg fed 8 with leftovers.

“Your chicken - absolutely fantastic! We have always bought free range so we are used to good ones, but yours was away on from that. No waste, very little fat from cooking and lovely jelly for cold cuts or gravy, and tender full-flavoured meat.” - Chris.

Romshed roast pork – cooked by Rafferty's for a summer party.

“We had a lovely time at the open day, thank you for inviting us. I am very pleased with the pork, it`s got a great fat to muscle ratio, the meat is incredibly flavoursome, and the fat almost melts in the mouth like butter.” - Anna.

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Buying and Ordering Our Meat

Please note: You pay for your meat when you collect it. We take cheque, cash or payment via Bacs.
Our meat is seasonal so look at the Calendar to see what is available and when as we do not check our order forms unless we have meat in stock.
  • Best value is to buy in quantity for the freezer but individual cuts are available.
  • To keep in touch with what is available and coming up join our Email Newsletter.
  • When our meat is available we open our PopUpShop for collection and sales.
  • Pop Up Shop next open in spring for fresh hogget. Place your orders via Email We have eggs for sale from the honesty box at the end of our drive on Bank Lane, Underriver and Especially Health in Sevenoaks.
  • All our meat is packed, labelled and ready to go in the freezer.
  • To order either send an Email. The order Forms below no longer in use but they give you an idea of cuts, prices etc.
  • We sell most of our meat when it is fresh but often have extra in the freezer.
  • We do not have a regular shop but are happy for you to contact us to arrange to come and pick up meat.

  • What is coming up next?

    We have beef in the freezer. The next Pop Up Shop will be open in spring for fresh hogget.

    We keep the website updated or join our Newsletter for up to date news.

    Dates on the Calendar.

    “The half hoggets we've had for the last couple of years, beautifully presented, delivered to our door, have been excellent value for money and taste.” - Margaret.

    “The rib of beef was sublime. We have NEVER tasted beef like that and will be buying it from you from now on.” - Will and Tara.

    “The duck was AWESOME!!!” - Vicki.

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