1. Boned and rolled joint.
2. Belly strip.
3. Bone in Joint.

1. Joint, boned and rolled..
2. Bone in Joint.

Buying and Ordering Romshed Pork

    Sorry but our pigs are now gone so no more pork. We will be updating the website during 2019 but in the meantime please just ignore this page.

  • You can buy a Half (£170), Quarter (£90), or Whole (£320) Pig (plus butchery costs for sausages, gammon and bacon at £2.50/kg).
  • A Half Pig weighs approx 25-30kg, before butchering.
  • Or you can buy individual cuts and on orders of over 10kg you get a 10% discount.
  • To order your Pig you need to tell us how you want your pig butchered. The photos here, of Romshed pork, give you an idea of the options. We can do special orders too.
  • Click here to see a diagram of a butchered pig.
  • Go to our Special Offers to see our Spring Pork Box and our Ham and Bacon box suggestions, use the order form below or email us for further assistance in designing your own Quarter, Half of Whole Pig box.

A half pig, butchered and packed, labelled, ready for the freezer.

Tips For Buying Your Pork

  • Follow the instructions on the order form and it should be easy but if you have any difficulties or special requirements please contact us.
  • Choose your joint size according to whether you are a couple, small or large family.
  • Joints can have the bone in or bone out but small leg and shoulder joints need to be boned and rolled.
  • Back bacon comes from the loin, streaky bacon from the belly, sausages from the shoulder and belly. If you want lots of this you can ask for the whole joint to be used. If you want just a few packs of each we can either substitute it for some of your joints (so your total cost is the same) or add it on (so the total cost is more but the cost per kg is the same to you whichever we do).
  • Gammons can be made from the leg. We can either substitute a joint or add it on. They take 10 days to cure so we need to make arrangements for pick up/delivery separately from the pork but the gammons are really delicious and this is a very cost effective way of buying it.
  • Trotters, cheek, liver, head – they can all give you delicious meals and really add to the value of buying pork in quantity. Our recipe page may give you some ideas.
1. Bone in Joint.
2. Boned and Rolled Joint.
3. Loin Steaks.
4. Chops.

1. Bone in Joint.
2. Boned and Rolled Joint.

1. Sausages.
2. Streaky bacon.
3. Back bacon.

“Someone told me I would never have any other bacon after tasting yours and they were right!" - Susan

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