Beef - Next available at end of Sept 2019 from Pop up Shop - will post time etc as soon as I know. Ordering now - email

All our beef is Pasture Fed and certified Pasture for Life. This guarantees it is 100% pasture-fed and no grain has been fed at all.

  • Our Price list is below and we have a special deal on a Family Box with 5% off all cuts chosen in addition to a Box or on orders of over £100. If you are interested in buying in bulk, so a half steer, to share with your friends, let me know as we are happy to do this on the basis of a wholesale price plus butchering costs.
  • Please contact us to send an order or make an enquiry.
  • Click here for a diagram of Beef cuts

Cut Price/KG
Fillet Steak £48
Rump Steak £25
Sirloin Steak £30
Sirloin on the bone £25
Flat Iron Steak £20
Topside £15.00
Silverside* £14.50
Top Rump*, Jacobs Ladder*, LMC* £14.50
Rib on the Bone £20
Short Ribs £10.50
Brisket £11.50
Braising Steak £13.50
Stewing Steak £12.50
Shin £12.50
Shin on the bone £10.50
Skirt/Onglet £15
Minced Beef £12.50
Liver, Kidneys, Bones £5

“Family Box”

You will get approx 8kg of beef, to include approx 2kg worth of joints (marked with a *), 2kg braising steak, 2kg of stewing steak and 2kg of mince for £100. £12.50/kg. Please state your ideal joint size. Add anything else of your choice to this at a 5% discount.

Or make up your own 8kg box and get a 5% discount.

“Steak Box”

You will get approx 0.5kg fillet, 1kg sirloin, 1kg rump for £75. £30/kg. Add anything else of your choice to this at a 5% discount.

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