All our beef is Pasture Fed and certified Pasture for Life. This guarantees it is 100% pasture-fed and no grain has been fed at all. It is worth noting that the term "grass-fed" can currently be used to describe meat that has come from animals that are predominantly fed grass. That means just 51% and the other 49% can be anything. So always ask or buy certified Pasture for Life if you want to be sure.

  • Our Price list is below and we have a special deal on a Family Box with 5% off all cuts chosen in addition to a Box or on orders of over £100. If you are interested in buying in bulk, so a half steer, to share with your friends, let me know as we are happy to do this on the basis of a wholesale price plus butchering costs.
  • Mince, braising, stewing steak packs are approx 0.5kg, sirloin steaks are in 2s, rump approx 0.7kg/pack, fillet steak approx 0.25kg. We can do joints to whatever size you like. Always say how you would like something and we will do our best to do it.
  • We have beef mince, braising steaks, silverside joints, sirloin and rump steaks, short ribs and marrow bones in the freezer. Email me at if you would like to come and pick some up
  • Please contact us to send an order or make an enquiry. Give a telephone number.

Cut Price/KG
Fillet Steak £48
Rump Steak £25
Sirloin Steak £30
Sirloin on the bone £25
Flat Iron Steak £20
Topside £15.00
Silverside* £14.50
Top Rump*, Jacobs Ladder*, LMC* £14.50
Rib on the Bone £20
Short Ribs £10.50
Brisket £11.50
Braising Steak £13.50
Stewing Steak £12.50
Shin £12.50
Shin on the bone £10.50
Skirt/Onglet £15
Minced Beef £12.50
Liver, Kidneys, Bones £5

“Family Box”

You will get approx 8kg of beef, to include approx 2kg worth of joints (marked with a *), 2kg braising steak, 2kg of stewing steak and 2kg of mince for £100. £12.50/kg. Please state your ideal joint size. Add anything else of your choice to this at a 5% discount.

Or make up your own 8kg box and get a 5% discount.

“Steak Box”

You will get approx 0.5kg fillet, 1kg sirloin, 1kg rump for £75. £30/kg. Add anything else of your choice to this at a 5% discount.

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