1. Half shoulder, bone in.
2. Half leg, bone in.
3. Neck fillet.
4. Breast, boned and rolled.

Buying and Ordering Romshed Lamb, Hogget and Mutton

We are taking orders for hogget now for collection end of April/early May. The links on this page are not currently working so send me an email to farm@weald.co.uk and we can sort out your butchery requirements.

  • Best value is to buy a Half (£85) or Whole (£160) Lamb, Hogget or Mutton.
  • Or you can buy individual cuts.
  • To order your half/whole you need to tell us how you want your animal butchered. The photos here, of Romshed hogget, give you an idea of the options. We can do special orders too.
  • Click here to show you a diagram of a butchered Lamb/Hogget/Mutton.

This is a half lamb with whole bone in joints, rack and chops - great value at £85 from Romshed. £117 from Tesco, half of which is non organic.

Half lamb with boned and rolled half joints, chops and cutlets.

Tips For Buying Your Lamb / Hogget / Mutton

  • Follow the instructions on the order form (not currently working so please email me - farm@weald.co.uk) and it should be easy but if you have any difficulties or special requirements please contact us.
  • The leg can be butterflied for the BBQ – boned and ready to go straight on the heat.
  • Joints can be boned and rolled. We particularly recommend the loin of mutton to be boned and rolled, sliced and cooked like steak.
  • The cutlets can be left as a rack of 8 and the chops as a saddle joint. A treat for Christmas!
  • The heart, liver and bones for stock, all add to the value of buying a half animal.
1. Boned and rolled loin.
2. Cutlets.
3. Chops.

"The lamb was amazing, the taste and texture probably the best I have eaten....everyone said it was the best they had eaten...." Spencer Metzger, Chef at The Ritz,

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