Fidelity and Phoebe at Open Farm Sunday, June 2012

Martin with the old wardrobe where we smoke our hams and bacon. It even has a mirror on the door!

About Us

Romshed Farm is a small family run farm. We aim to supply exceptional, tasty meat to local people. Beef and lamb raised entirely on pasture, no cereals, is proven to have the highest of nutritional value. We enjoy sharing recipes and ideas with our customers, many of whom really appreciate the adventure of trying new cuts and the seasonality of naturally produced meat.

The farm`s 190 acres are farmed to value the landscape and history going back to Saxon times. We treasure and look after the wildlife and biodiversity of the land and encourage the rejuvination of lost wildflower rich pastures by careful grazing and regular moving of our livestock. Large areas of long grass and old mixed hedges provide wildlife corridors for insects and small mammals. Hedges are maintained to ensure birds have full access to nesting sites, berries and seeds.

We are experimenting with different ways of grazing our livestock to encourage deeper rooting plants enabling the soil to hold more carbon and increasing the diversity on the farm. Listen to the insects in the meadow and the sound of the cattle moving into a new paddock against the birdsong in the background.

Andy and Kelvin shearing, June 2012

Lucian Alfy and Inigo, having prepared the Christmas bird in the bird - all from Romshed Farm, Christmas, 2011

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