Fidelity and Phoebe at Open Farm Sunday, June 2012

Martin with the old wardrobe where we smoke our hams and bacon. It even has a mirror on the door!

About Us

Romshed Farm is a small family run farm. We aim to supply exceptional, tasty meat to local people. We enjoy sharing recipes and ideas with our customers, many of whom really appreciate the adventure of trying new cuts and the seasonality of naturally produced meat.

The farm`s 175 acres are farmed to maximise the historic, conservation and wildlife value of the land. It is registered as organic with the Soil Association. Large areas of long grass and old mixed hedges provide wildlife corridors for insects and small mammals. Hedges are cut every other year and late in the year to ensure birds have full access to berries and seeds. Spring sown cereals are produced in a way that means we have skylarks singing in the fields all year round and flocks of linnets wheeling around in the late summer.

All our animals are reared and finished naturally. We are certified suppliers of Pasture for Life beef and lamb under the Pasture Fed Livestock Association. Visit their website to find out more about the health benefits of meat that is entirely pasture fed. Beef finishes on our clover and wildflower rich pasture in early autumn and winter, lamb from mid summer through to Christmas and hogget in early spring. Mutton is a rare treat. Pigs and poultry have total access to pasture, are fed our own homegrown cereals, and is ready in batches throughout the year with poultry being a summer, autumn and Christmas treat.

The welfare of our livestock is paramount. We use breeds suited to a low input natural organic system. Our stock is all bred and reared on the farm so there is no stress in their lives. We believe this all contributes to healthy, happy animals and that the herb and clover rich meadows contribute to the sweet flavour and succulence of our meat.

Our duck and chicken is often described by customers as "the best ever" and they spend all day scratching and foraging in the rich clover and grass leys.

We like to have cooked all the cuts we produce and to share the joy of trying out new "lines" with our customers. Romshed air dried ham, hung in our sixteenth century barn over the winter is a real treat as is the gammon and bacon smoked in our homemade wardrobe smoker.

To enjoy our meat throughout the year and to get good value, you need a good size freezer but we welcome all customers!

Andy and Kelvin shearing, June 2012

Lucian Alfy and Inigo, having prepared the Christmas bird in the bird - all from Romshed Farm, Christmas, 2011

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