Christmas Gammon, sausage and bacon box - Order Now! Everything you need for Christmas and well into the New Year.

To place an order for pork send us an email or order using our online forms:

Our Quarter Pig Christmas pack, £90 and includes approx:

1 x 2kg gammon (£10/kg extra for larger gammons

Sausages, chipolatas, sausagemeat of your choice*, 4kg

Back bacon 1.8kg*

Streaky bacon 0.5kg*

Quarter Pig Winter Warmer - no bacon is £85 - email for details.

*weight, price and number of packs is approximate and will vary according to each pig and your choices.

We are registered as Approved Suppliers with the Pasture Fed Livestock Association. This means our beef and lamb is reared entirely on our own pastures and have no additional cereal nputs. There are proven health benefits of meat that is entirely pasture fed so look out for the Pastureforlife certification to ensure 100% grass-fed.

We have chickens in the FREEZER.