Beef - Order now for collection during November 2016.

Our batches of Pasture Fed Beef will next be available fresh during November 2016. This will probably be our only batch of the season this year. Beef will be available from Macknade Butchers at Faversham later in the year - more details on request.

  • Our Price list is below and we have a special deal on a Family Box with 5% off all cuts chosen in addition to a Box or on orders of over £100. We are offering a 10% discount on any second Family Boxes ordered and picked up between 17th and 19th November.
  • Please contact us to send an order or make an enquiry.
  • Click here for a diagram of Beef cuts

Cut Price/KG
Fillet Steak £48
Rump Steak £25
Sirloin Steak £30
Sirloin on the bone £25
Topside £15.00
Silverside* £14.50
Top Rump*, Jacobs Ladder*, LMC* £14.50
Rib on the Bone £20
Short Ribs £10.50
Brisket £11.50
Braising Steak £13.50
Stewing Steak £12.50
Shin £12.50
Shin on the bone £10.50
Skirt/Onglet £13.50
Minced Beef £12.50
Liver, Kidneys, Bones £5

“Family Box”

You will get approx 8kg to include approx 2kg joints (marked with a *), 2kg braising steak, 2kg of stewing steak and 2kg of mince for £100. £12.50/kg. Please state your ideal joint size. Add anything else of your choice to this at a 5% discount.

Or make up your own 8kg box and get a 5% discount.