Buying and Ordering Chicken

Next batch available in July 2017

  • We sell our chicken whole at £8/kg. That might seem expensive but once you have tasted them you will realise what really well reared outdoor chickens can taste like. They are a treat and our favourite family party meal. With the different flavours in the white and brown meat, the rich gravy that comes naturally from the stock, we think they are far more interesting than any other meat and a fraction of the price per kg when compared to beef or lamb you would serve on a special occasion. It is a sad reflection on the commercial poultry industry that so few people have ever had the chance to taste chicken as it should taste. The reason is quite simple - they are costly to rear and, for us, are the hardest of all our enterprises to make financial sense.
  • We can joint your bird if you wish – just ask on the order form.
  • Most birds weigh in the region of 2.5kg but range from 2kg – 3.5kg so we ask you to specify a weight range.
  • Giblets are included - the birds make excellent stock.
  • “Your chicken - absolutely fantastic! We have always bought free range so we are used to good ones, but yours was away on from that. No waste, very little fat from cooking and lovely jelly for cold cuts or gravy, and tender full-flavoured meat.” - Chris.