Our Produce

Our Produce

Chickens pecking in the grass, July 2011 Our eggs are for sale from the honesty box in the car park of the White Rock Inn, Underriver and from the bar at St Julians – £2 per half dozen box. We are really grateful to Frank and Maria who run the White Rock and St Julians for enabling us to put our eggs there. You can pick them up any time and put your money in the box. You can also buy them from the Old Bakery, Weald and the Deli on The Lane in Hollybush Lane, Sevenoaks.
Chickens pecking in the grass, July 2011
This is your half lamb (family box)- great value at £80 from Romshed, £117 from Tesco, half of which is non organic. We sell all our produce locally and welcome anyone who would like to visit the farm. Most of our customers like to buy to put into the freezer so we tend to sell in quantities ready packed for freezing. This is excellent value and we can provide you with exactly what you would like. Our pricing gives us confidence to guarantee that we will better the price of any other equivalent Soil Association product. When we are butchering we are also very happy to take small orders. We are able to sell frozen meat if we do not have fresh available so it is always worth asking. All of our meat boxes are butchered to your requirements, bagged, labelled and ready to go into your freezer.
This is your half lamb (family box)- great value at £80 from Romshed, £117 from Tesco, half of which is non organic.

Hoggett is lamb that is a year old. It has good flavour and best value is to buy a whole or half hogget, butchered to your requirements. &pound80 for a half hogget and &pound150 for a whole hogget. Special orders are available. A half hogget weighs around 10-12kg, and the final amount of meat you get will depend on your choice of cuts. You will get a leg, a shoulder (both cut to your requirements – joints, steaks, mince or diced), 10-12 loin chops and or a rack of lamb or boned and rolled loin joint, boned and rolled breast, neck fillet, kidneys.


Mutton is a mature sheep that is hung for 2 weeks for a very full flavour and tenderness. We recommend a longer, slower cook than for lamb or hogget although some of our customers cook it as they would with lamb, particularly on the boned and rolled loin joint. A whole mutton weighs 25-30kg so you get more meat in a half/whole mutton order. If you buy individual cuts it is cheaper per kilo.


Our chickens get great feedback. This is what a new customer, Chris, said ” We have always bought free range so we are used to good ones, but yours was away on from that. No waste , very little fat from cooking and lovely jelly for cold cuts or gravy, and tender full-flavoured meat. I cooked exactly as recommended, which was close to my usual. We found that, although it was a bit more expensive per kilo, it gave far more on the table in both quality and quantity”.


Saddleback Pork joints, sausages and bacon – cut entirely to your requirements. We sell it in 10kg boxes at &pound9/kg but best value of all is to buy a half pig at &pound160. You will get the full range of cuts weighing about 25kg and all the “extras” such at trotters, head, offal etc if you would like it. We are able to offer bacon and hams all organically cured and smoked if you want it. Our meaty sausages have had excellent feedback from our customers and we came Highly Commended in the Sevenoaks Sausage Competition. If you would like individual cuts please let us know on the form. If you find it easier to email/phone please do so.


This is the last of this season`s beef – finished on grass, wildflower and clover leys. We have plenty of mince, diced beef, slow cook joints and rump steak in the freezer, but all else is sold out.