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Order your Christmas gammon now. Pork, lamb, beef and chickens available from the freezer and fresh bacon now!

Email or ring to order or to come and shop from the freezer and fridge.

Our organic, pastured EGGS are for sale from the box at the White Rock Inn car park, Underriver and Especially Health in Sevenoaks.



Welcome to Romshed Farm

Romshed Farm lies south of Sevenoaks in Underriver where the greensand ridge meets the weald clay. Based on strong conservation principles our animals are naturally reared on organic pastures giving produce with flavour that is hard to find. Our beef and lamb is approved buy Lyrica 150 mg

We are very pleased to be hosting a live webcam installed by buy Lyrica mexico

Visit their website and you can see what is going on at the Farm. It is restricted to WiFi range but we are positioning it on whatever is most interesting at the time. The Lambing shed has been great and we hope to show the swallows nesting and other farm events around the yard during the summer.

Morning at Romshed Farm

Hello Sun

Romshed on Twitter

We try to keep this updated with relevant wider farming issues.

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